Raspberry Pi 3 + AWS IoT + Sensor Tag + BigData + n = hypercube

I will be creating the post for this,

Goal, a web view, configurable accessible on hub


so basically we want to connect a raspberry Pi into an IoT platform.

I decided to use an event driven architecture for this platform, in the form of AWS “serverless” architecture.

I will place the lambdas and instructions on the use of the framework soon.

This post is about using the Raspi as an IoT gateway, connecting in this case to the TI sensor tag.

More connections coming soon.

This is a post for the data science for IoT group.

we need

. Raspberry pi 3

. TI Sensor tag

. AWS IoT platform

. the data science…

You can use this examples on your own and it will work, but to connect to this platform, place the data in the data base, we need to provide you with the authentication keys required. So just please send a message with name of your device, we will send back the certificate keys to connect to this instance of AWS IoT.

  1. connecting to AWS IOT

once you have this files on your raspi


$ scp awsSensorTag_syd.js pi@




to run on raspi [connect to IoT, send signal of sensor tag]:

$ sudo node awsSensorTag_syd.js

Doing log of all sensors, connecting to AWS IoT,

now, pause for configuration of starter n go to wireless!



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