Node Red

my experiences with Node Red, why is great


At first I used Graphical programming at university to “program” lab equipment


Also programmed on Ladder language for PLCs


Then programmed arduino & wiring for a project with the OLPC [One Laptop Per Child] for robotics

with Amici

the graphical “Turtle”, and off course scratch [MIT].


I also made “music” using puredata [visual programming language]


Then discovered that all this came from a very old philosophy of programming, FBP [Flow Based Programming] from the 70s [J. Paul Morrison]. And used to solve financial sector problems :]


FBP have an awesome implementation on JS,


It was evident that any IoT or physical computing platform to be truly multipurpose, needs to be easily programmable, and what better way than graphically?

All of the above attempts to use visual programming were really good, but recently Im inclined to use mostly Node Red from IBM

[Make list of other visual programming paradigms]


Tutorial Node Red


using Node Red on Hyper

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