With the world deeply evolving using technology, it’s no joke that things are much “smarter” now e.g. smartphones and tablets. One command and you can send e-mails, reports, and get payments. Now, we have IoT or the Internet of Things. IoT is a segmented space. We offer you to integrate and solve your problem in the most effective way possible. Using open source, wireless sensor networks, and AWS platform to bring it to life. These and more in the cheapest and most reliable component possible. Getting the fruits of IoT, deploying the sensors and analyzing the data (believe it or not) can be achieved in low cost.


IoT with the Hyper vision


Some terms that we continue to fine grain as the time pass are smart dust even, calm technology and ubiquitous computing. They are not very familiar to regular people but somehow, in the near future, people would opt out to know more about these stuff. This tendency of computing shrink and get cheaper too (according to Moores Law). It means to say we will only need to flick our hands to get ourselves what we need.


There are no clear winner yet in IoT space since there are still huge segmentation of possibilities. But Hyper truly believed that the benefits of IoT can be ripped now by small and medium enterprises. Even tech-inclined individual can reach this point. The only that that they need to do is to accept and understand.


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