Connecting to AWS

. find IP where is the raspi is connected

using nmap [install if needed] find the IP for raspi [use your IP for connection, check system settings]

$nmap -sn 


. connect to raspi

$ssh pi@ [i assume i got raspi on xxx.10]

password default: raspberry

  1. Install AWS SDK,


FROM there,

2. install npm


3. npm install aws-iot-device-sdk

5 min

4. cd to Documentws

clone latest code

$git clone

cd to  AWS…


confirm certs are in  above path , algong with some JS test files



. run the sensor tag + AWS IoT  node file

$sudo node awsSensorTag_syd.js

> should show “connected”

. on the sensor tag

turn on sensor tag by pressing button with circle,

should show  “coonected”

Now values are sent to DB

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