Technology waves

Analysis of technology waves   . Gartner hype cycle   . Perez technological surge cycle [Carlota Perez] https: //  

Smart contracts & IoT

Choose an options for “smart contracts” to use with my IoT deployment…   Options . Ethereum use solidity [programming language] . Eris  

MyHouse Architecture

  Goals: decentralised secure open Little data > big data > little data examples, GE Predix build on top of Apache Apex for stream [relationship with torrent P2P?] Apex: Enterprise-grade unified stream and batch processing engine.  [YARN: stream + batch processing]   ADEPT [Autonomous Decentralised Peer-to-Peer Telemetry]: IBM + Samsung IBM and Samsung chose three protocols – BitTorrent (file sharing), Ethereum (smart contracts) andTeleHash (peer-to-peer messaging) – to underpin the ADEPT concept. ADEPT was formally unveiled at CES 2015 in Las Vegas.   Device democracy:     On my proof of concept, copy ADEPT, using nodeJS for quick prototype, use kaa?   check if use Ethereum . liking a lot eris (smart contracts)   Use BitTorrent?   Learn teleHash [p2p messaging], differences with WAMP, other?   And all to get ingested / transformed, Kafka? spark dashboard   Co-founder and CEO Eric Jennings framed Filament as a decentralized IoT software stack that uses the bitcoin blockchain to enable devices to hold unique identities on a public ledger. By creating a smart device directory, he said, Filament’s IoT devices will be able to securely communicate, execute smart contracts and send microtransactions. > IoT microtransactions? Good, I’ve always wanted my refrigerator to donate to the red cross. > 1¢ every time you switch on your light. .. Other smart contracts… DAPPS [Decentralised Apps] [for of Ethereum] Eris [not one true blockchain] other blockchains   check Filament   Block chain ecosystem, uses   Bizantine general problem   similar solutions...

MyHouse IoT

Blog post about a presentation in the upcoming IoT Sydney meetup… WORK IN PROGRESS, Todo, links, graph of architecture proposed…   Im really liking LoRa, LongRange, And pretty soon will have the things network Surry Hills chapter working, and sharing loraWan connectivity for IoT deployments in surry hills, but most importantly implementing a city wide network for my “things” from art projects, and the things of potential clients on the IoT wide spectrum. Special thanks to Andrew Maggio for the help setting up the Network[link] The presentation will be on the group organised by Justin McLean [IoT Syd], I was going to originally talk about WAMP, very cool socket abstractions perfect for IOT reactive kind of chat with devices … but unfortunately that couldn’t happen :/ [SORRY Justin 🙁 !] Then I wanted to talk about EvoThings, which is pretty cool also, JS, web views for mobiles to control IoT things [most interactions based on BTLE]… very nice BUT… Better to talk about what is more of my interest and obsession to understand IoT, scratch a security and automation problem i need to solve on my house, and trying to figure out killer products for IoT. But this blog is about the presentation to the IoT meet up group, to be celebrated in 1 month kind of a proof of concept on how long will it take to implement one of my hypothesis about the IoT… The goal will be to show a demo or what comes close to it of a home automation+IoT+security MVP, and create the sharing of information and learnings from this.   What is especial?:...

keep it real

First of all, Welcome to my blog, this is a space I intend to keep as a technical diary, Please comment, this is my first post so any feedback is appreciated (:   I have a new project that needs realtime synchronization between mobile devices , server, and front end web clients… It’s not the first time I see this punk coming… I have built some apps that have had this interesting problem in common: How to share state between players? A mobile app that knows when a shift is taken in a timesheet solution. A mobile/desktop app that pops up an alert to call for assistance on a library. A solution to lock the gate on my house remotely while on my way to work. I have implemented these things in the past: Web sockets, chat style Broker model with RabbitMQ Now a new project needs realtime again, I looked for a framework, pattern or SOA  that could be more scalable, and easy to implement across multiple devices, So happily there are a lot of options here. Lots of intelligent people have had to deal with this technical problem which is just like the shirtless bully asking to be knocked out. Please let me know if there is something easier, or more powerfull. After investigating the issue is my current weapon of choice. Now, to get back to the problem, This problem is called realtime web,  but covers mobile and IoT. The definition of realtime on wikipedia is very enlightening: “The real-time web is a network web using technologies and practices that enable users to receive information as soon as it is published...
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